The 6 Stages of Music Production

The 6 Stages of Music Production 

While everyone has a couple of favourite Hip Hop and Electro genre songs, few people, including musicians, actually know how music is created from the beginning to the end. Regardless of the genre and style, all songs follow the same production process. The following are six stages of music production:


 The first step in music production is songwriting. This step involves generating musical ideas. It generally involves creating and experimenting with ideas to determine what will work best. The ideas can be harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, and are essential in defining a music’s genre, style and vibe. 


 The arrangement step comes immediately after songwriting and involves the selection of instruments for the composed song. The creation of the intro, verses, choruses, bridges, breakdowns and outro happens here. The arrangement phase also involves adding and removing various instruments to create the desired sounds. 


 Tracking encompasses recording each individual part of a song. A song is normally recorded one track at a time. Every time a new track is recorded, a producer listens to previous ones. Tracking increases focus and is easier and more flexible than recording the entire music at once. 


 After you have completed tracking and are satisfied with each track and how they connect, the next phase is editing. This step involves changing the recorded content by compounding the good things and eliminating the bad ones. It is best not to edit your recorded song too much to avoid destroying its feel and style.


 Mixing is the process of bringing together different layers of audio to make a complete track. This step ensures all the parts in a song are in good shape and sound good when put together. It comprises equalizing sounds, balancing levels, adding different effects, compressing sounds and managing issues. Automation and sound editing also takes place in this step. It is important to note that mixing is more technical and needs good knowledge and practice. 


 Mastering is the final step of the music production process. It involves polishing all tracks in a music collection or album to make them coherent and ready for distribution. It aims to add final touches and increase the overall sound of a song. 

 These six steps are the main phases of producing a song in a studio. Each of them is equally important in creating the kind of music people enjoy and remember!