3 Major Moves to Market Yourself as a New Musician

3 Major Moves to Market Yourself as a New Musician

Today's atmosphere in music is entirely different from the infant careers of The Beatles, The Jackson 5, and even Beyonce'. Gone are the days of making a demo and hoping it finds its way into the right hands. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology and marketing tools, aspiring musicians are promoting their music themselves on various digital platforms and creating visual snippets and full-length music videos, drawing fans before they receive a recording deal. This is why marketing is significant, and finding marketing strategies that are right for you is vital to your financial success and creating your brand.

Remember the artist Prince Harvey secretly recorded his album in an Apple store? He kept everything low-key, and after he completed his mission, his project was in the news. His publicity was his initial marketing strategy. Not every musician can be as fortunate as Prince Harvey, but other artists have become mega famous while using similar marketing techniques at their fingertips.

Become a Social Media Maven and Grow Your Fanbase

Everyone is probably familiar with singer Justin Bieber's success story. Fame found Bieber on Youtube, and many singers, rappers, and producers use other social media marketing strategies for their music. The beauty of Youtube is that it has 2.1 billion monthly subscribers. As an artist, you can film a live performance or sing a song in your bedroom and post it on social media. Producers have shared their creative process with their followers on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. Social media has turned a few artists into millionaires because these platforms are at desks and in the hands of billions of people every day who spread the word about the content they recently discovered. 

Take Your Music Into the Cloud

After the smoked settled from the controversial audio streaming service Napster, a free music download platform established in 1999 that enraged record labels and artists, you probably never thought you'd see the day an artist released free music. In 2015, Miley Cyrus released several tracks on Soundcloud. The online audio distribution platform and music sharing website state it enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio and provides a digital signal processor that allows listeners to stream audio.

Promote Like You're Already a Star

Big music streaming platforms aren't just for established artists. Unknown artists can promote their music on Apple. The Apple website tells musicians to promote their music with Milestones, Apple-branded players, links, and QR codes that help them reach more fans. Apple is not alone in offering a glossy, polished platform for musicians. Check out Spotify, and Playlister.club, to promote and unleash your music on millions of listeners. 

 In many cases, a musician doesn't have to have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to promote music. Now, artists strategize without large amounts of cash, managers, or contracts. Music fans are always searching for new music, and the marketing platforms available meet multiple needs and are constantly improving.